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Historic Districts


College - Temple

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College-Temple – Even though this district was laid out in 1828, it remains an example of a well-planned neighborhood with schools, parks, tree-line streets and churches. Walkways, fences, formal gardens, and open lawns with hedges accent the wide range of architectural styles in this 100 plus acre district. Land Lot #58 on the corner of College and Temple was designated the “academy” lot and was the site of seven schools from 1829-1975. The Male Academy, which prepared the young men of Newnan for college, serves as a museum today. The museum has received recognition for the extensive collection of antique clothing and also includes a large display of Civil War artifacts.

The Male Academy Muesum is located in this district. The historic building was moved to College Street and is city maintained. The Newnan Coweta Historical Society runs the muesum.