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Paving continues in Newnan

 For Immediate Release:       

Paving continues in Newnan, with operations underway on Sixth St.  This street, along with other streets in the area, including First St, Second Ave, Second St, and Third St, will be milled to remove the excessive buildup of asphalt prior to placing a crack relief layer of asphalt.  A final top layer of asphalt will be placed to complete the paving project.

Piedmont Paving has mobilized and begun paving the streets approved for maintenance in 2018 under the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG).  Under this grant, the City of Newnan has received funding assistance from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in the amount of $384,675.98.  The funding amount awarded is formula derived from the centerline miles of streets maintained by the local jurisdiction and the population of the local jurisdiction.

The City of Newnan is required to match funding at 30 %.  This year, the total contract awarded to Piedmont Paving for the work is $838,809.60, funded from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).


The work includes the variable depth milling and resurfacing of approximately 3.09 centerline miles on 19 streets, and the application of thermoplastic traffic stripe and pavement markings.

 The streets included are:

First St, from Spring St to Second St

Second Ave, from Second St to LaGrange St

Second St, from Hollis Heights to Second Ave

Third St, from Hollis Heights to Second Ave

Sixth St, from Hollis Heights to First Ave

Bohannon Ct, from Norman Blvd to end of street

 Mitchell St, from Savannah St to Paul St

Savannah St, from Pinson St to Robinson St

 Dewey St, Pinson St to Robinson St

Hidden Woods Ln, cul de sac to cul de sac

Hidden Woods Trace, from Lake Forest Dr to Hidden Woods Ln
Market Square Rd, Lower Fayetteville Rd to Summergrove Pkwy
Spence St, from Bullsboro Dr to Jefferson St

Jefferson Pl, from Jefferson St to cul de sac
Olive St, Perry St to Andrew St

Perry St, from Lee St to Madison St
Cochran Dr, from Jefferson St to Casey St
City View Dr, from E Newnan Rd to cul de sac
Newnan South Industrial Dr, US 29/ SR 14 to cul de sac

Additional streets were added to this project.  These include repairs and a final lift of asphalt for portions of Stillwood Dr and Southwind Cir in the Southwind, Phase II development.  The cost for the additional work is estimated at $148,000.00, and funded from the collection of topping fees, collected on a per lot basis as house construction permits are issued, and the General Fund.

Any questions regarding this project may be directed to Michael Klahr, Public Works Director.