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How do I get to City Hall

Directions to City Hall 


From I-85 Exit 47 (from the North)

To get to Newnan City Hall from I-85, Exit 47, take highway 34 west for 3 miles. Get in the left lane and follow the signs for Highway 29 south (14 & 16 on map below). This is Jackson Street which becomes LaGrange Street. About half a mile further you will pass the county courthouse on the left.  City Hall is on the second block past the courthouse on the right.  Parking is in the rear.  Show me using Google Maps. 


From I-85 Exit 41 (from the South)

To get to Newnan City Hall from I-85, Exit 41, take Highway 29 north for 3.5 miles. Turn left on Spring Street and go one block.  Turn left on LaGrange Street and City Hall is on the Right. Parking is in the rear. Show me using Google Maps. DowntownGovBuildings