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Council Member Rhodes Shell - District 002 Post A


Council Member

Rhodes Shell - District 002 Post A

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Rhodes Shell is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER tmp with Avery Pope Wealth and Management, located in downtown Newnan. Mr. Shell was born and raised in Newnan, has lived in Newnan most of his life, and has served on the city council since 2006. 
Mr. Shell has a MBA from Georgia State University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University and is a member of the Financial Planning Association. Mr. Shell served in the US Army where he was stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas.

Mr. Shell has been involved in several local organizations over the past thirty years, including current member and past president of the Newnan Rotary Club, a past member of the Coweta Board of Education, past Chairman of the Newnan Convention Authority, and past Chairman of the Newnan Coweta Planning Commission. He is a member of First Baptist Church.

Mr. Shell has two daughters. His eldest daughter, Blake Shell, is the Executive Director of Disjecta, one of the most prominent contemporary art organizations in Portland, Oregon. Katherine Shell, his younger daughter, is an Executive Advisor with CEB, a Gartner Company offering best practices and guidance to general consul of multi- billion dollar organizations.

Mr. Shell enjoys bicycle, swimming, kayaking, and traveling with his daughters.