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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tell me more about the City of Newnan's Boards & Commissions?
The City of Newnan currently has over 16 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 135 volunteer members. All board members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serve without compensation. Boards and commissions are established for the purpose of acquiring and studying information in specific areas and to make recommendations to Mayor and City Council on issues within the board's area of expertise. Some boards are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise. Decisions made by quasi-judicial boards are appealable to the Mayor and City Council. Each board and commission is supported by a staff liaison.

Q: Can I apply to a board or commission?
A: Applicants must reside within the City of Newnan for at least one year. You may live in Coweta County for the following commissions: Newnan Cultural Arts Commission

Q: Can I apply to more than one board or commission?
A: Qualified candidates can apply to two or more boards or commissions.

Q: What happens after I submit my application?
A:  1. At the time a vacancy does not exist: Applicants will need to check back periodically and reapply.
      2. At the time a vacancy does exist: All applications are sent to the City Council for consideration.

Q: How does an applicant know whether or not they were appointed to a board or commission?
A:   1. You will be contacted by the Mayor or a member of the City Council.
       2. Following adoption of the appointment resolution, each applicant will receive a letter notifying them of the status of their application(s).

Note: If you are not selected to serve on a board at this time, don't be discouraged! When a position becomes available we try to fill them as soon as possible.