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Illegal Immigration and Reform Act of 2011 (HB87)

 All Firms/Contractors are required to submit the E-Verify Affidavits as part of their bid/proposal packages. The documents should be included in the RFPs, but it is the responsibility of each Firm/Contractor to see that they include these documents. If the Affidavits are not submitted in the bid/proposal packages it may result in disqualification. If you are a small firm and have NO employees you would be considered EXEMPT from the statue O.C.G.A § 13-10-91 (b)(1). However, you are still required to  complete the Contractor Affidavit and the Private Employer Affidavit and submit a copy of your driver’s license verifying this fact.  If you are NOT EXEMPT and you are not a registered E-Verify user register here: . For your convenience, below are links to fillable forms that may be completed online, printed and notarized.

Contractor Affidavit for E-Verify

Sub-Contractor Affidavit for E-Verify

Private Employer Affidavit