Traffic lights maintained by the City of Newnan


Newnan crossing BlvdEast @Wal-Mart Garden Center

Newnan crossing BlvdEast @ Summlin Drive

Newnan crossing BlvdEast@ Lower Fayetteville

Lower Fayetteville Rd.@ Summlin Drive


Newnan crossing Bypass @ Taco Mac

Newnan crossing Bypass @ B J

Newnan crossing Bypass @Dicks sporting goods

Newnan crossing Bypass @ McIntosh pkwy

Newnan crossing Bypass @ Lower Fayetteville Rd.

Roscoe Rd. @ Sherwood Dr. /Phillips St.

Brown St. @ West Washington St.

Flashing light@ Brown St. @ West Broad

Perry St. @ East Broad

Perry St. @ East Washington

Sunset ln @ 4 th. St.

Lagrange St. @ Waterworks Rd.

Farmer St. @ Glenn St.

East Broad St. @ Pinson St.

Murray St. @ East Washington St

Thompson St. @ Salbide Ave.

MLK Dr. @ Dodson St.

School flashers @ Newnan Crossing Elementary on Lower Fayetteville Rd.

School flashers @ Welch Elementary on Mary Freeman Rd.

All other traffic lights belong to GDOT, to report dial 511.

If you need assistance with any of the above lights listed please contact:

Mark Johnston

City of Newnan

Facilities Maintenance Director