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Office of Communications

 HascoCraverWebPhoto Hasco Craver IV 
Assistant City Manager
Office of Communications


The mission of the Office of Communications is to gather and share information to produce a well-informed and participatory government and community.

The Office of Communications is responsible for providing effective communication with residents, staff, and council while working to increase the understanding of and support for city programs, events, projects, and initiatives; while developing positive media relations that encourage balanced reporting of City news. 

  • Media Relations: The Office of Communications serves as the "first stop" for reporters and members of the media seeking information about the City of Newnan and its services. The office strives to manage relationships with several local, regional print, broadcast, and online media outlets. All media requests for interviews or information at City Hall should be directed to the Office of Communications. 
  • Online/Digital Communications/Social Media: The Office of Communications manages digital communications through the City's website and via social media through the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Filming in the City: All interested production companies interested in filming in the City of Newnan, click here for information related to filming in the city.