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Mortgage Company Website for Taxes

Mortgage Company and Tax Services Website

The City of Newnan has established a mortgage company website specifically for mortgage companies or tax service agencies, allowing access to property tax records for customers who have escrow accounts. 

The website also contains information related to DELINQUENT City of Newnan Property Taxes for years 2014 and prior.  Beginning in 2015, the Coweta County Tax Commissioner will bill and collect the City taxes.  Going forward, all residents of Coweta County will receive one tax bill annually, payable to the Tax Commissioner by December 1st. 

Please note that the City of Newnan will contine to collect delinquent City of Newnan property taxes for years 2014 and prior.  Thereore, these delinquent taxes must be paid directly to the City of Newnan, not the Tax Commissioner!! 

Questions concerning the data or other tax issues should be addressed to