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Franchise Fees

Franchise Fees

The City of Newnan requires a franchise fee of five percent (5%) of gross revenues generated within the City for any cable or video business in its corporate boundaries by the State of Georgia. 

Franchise fees for telephone or telecommunications companies are assessed at three percent (3%) of the local revenue generated by the subscribers located within the City. 

Electric  suppliers or membership corporations pay a franchise fee of four percent (4%) of local revenue generated.   

If fees are paid annually to the City, the payment is due by February 29th.  Otherwise, fees should be paid quarterly or monthly by the business.  The franchise fees can be mailed to the City of Newnan at the following address, or the Finance Department can make arrangements for the fees to be electronically deposited to the City's bank account.  Please contact the City's Finance Director to make arrangements for ACH deposits of the fees.

City of Newnan
Franchise Fees
PO Box 1193
Newnan, GA  30264