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Beer Growlers

Beer Growler's License

The City of Newnan amended it's Alcoholic Beverage ordinance to include the regulation of Beer Growler activities on August 13, 2013.  You may email the Licensing Specialist if you need additional clarification or information.  Here is the link to the Application

A Growler is defined as a bottle, container or vessel, with a capacity of at least 12 ounces and not exceeding 64 ounces that is designed for and especially intended to be filled with beer from a keg by a licensee or employee of a licensee in compliance with the City's ordinances. 

The fee for the annual license is $1,500.  This fee is in addition to the off-premise alcohol license fee. The growler's license covers only retail off-premise, package sales...meaning the consumption of beer cannot take place on any premise of the business, including parking lots.  Additionally, the business must possess a current retail occupational tax certificate and sell other products. 

Growlers may only be filled from kegs procured by the licensee from a duly authorized wholesaler. Samples of tap beer may be available to customers, but shall not exceed one ounce each nor shall any one individual be offered more than three samples within a 24-hour period. Growler's licenses are only allowed in the City's CBD zoning district.

For more information, you may refer to the City of Newnan's Code of Ordinances by clicking on the link to the left, at the bottom.